SHAMELESS: Father Of Kidnapped Child Grilled By CBS About Middle-East Politics

Does Gayle King have any idea how soulless she looks in this exchange?

Gayle King from CBS has the father of one of the 10/7 kidnapping victims on her show as a guest.

This is the face of grief and sorrow behind all those posters it’s become politically fashionable for Hamas sympathizers to pull down.

Because everything in the world of Journos is seen through a black-and-white lens of politics, Gayle tried to wring a political statement out of her guest.

Poor Thomas Hand doesn’t know if his little 8yo Emily is alive… or injured… or who knows what else. Only that it appears she’s being held captive by Hamas. The only thing he knows for sure is that she isn’t safe at home.

Questions like Gayle’s are just one more stab of cruelty into an already suffering heart.

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