Remember That Announcement That Guys Could Be Miss Universe? — The Pageant’s Bankrupt Now

Cause, meet effect.

They say there is a tweet for every occasion. In this case, it’s true.

Don Trump took a beauty pageant in trouble and he made it profitable.

Trump issued the following statement:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

“I have truly enjoyed owning the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA pageants. When I purchased the pageants many years ago, they were in serious trouble. It has been a great honor making them so successful … The pageants are now in the hands of a great company that will shepherd them to even greater levels of success.” — Business Insider

The associated tweet.

Things were doing well and he turned a profit.

That’s cool. Capitalism is supposed to work on those principles.

He didn’t keep it long. Soon Trump had better things to do, and was on his way to the White House for real.

A lot has happened between then and now. There have been significant cultural changes. Right down to how the culture defines the word ‘woman’.

The pageant decided to change with the times.

No surprise, considering the billionaire owner is an activist who has himself made the male-to-female change.

The Thai owner of the Miss Universe pageant, JKN Global Group, has filed for bankruptcy just a year after acquiring the beauty competition for a hefty $20 million amid debates over transgender contestants in the show.

While JKN Global Group cites a “liquidity problem” as the core issue, a day ago, former Miss Universe judge and journalist Emily Austin unleashed a scathing critique on a talk show, attributing the pageant’s financial turmoil to the uproar surrounding transgender contestants.

The Miss Universe Organization, is under Thai business tycoon and transgender activist Anne Jakrajutatip. Austin also argued that the controversy dealt a blow to the organization’s reputation and exposed underlying financial challenges within the company’s Thailand operations. — MoneyControl

If only there was some way to determine why their business model suddenly tanked.

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