Western War Corrospondent Shows Footage Inside Gaza Hospital

Trey Yingst of Fox News shows film from inside hospital at the heart of the controversy

Both sides cannot be right. Either Israel is attacking a civilian hospital for no reason and has committed a war crime in the process… or Hamas has made it a valid military target by running a military operation from an otherwise protected site.

It really matters which side is telling the truth because the fight on the ground is only half the battle. As we can see from the stark difference between the behavior and nature of the Pro-Israel protests compared to the rival protests calling for ‘Intafada Revolution’… the other half is a Public Relations battle for hearts and minds.

We have an embedded Western reporter and his cameraman venturing into the hospital at the center of the controversy — which Western reports tell us has the underground Hamas military Headquarters built somewhere below it.

In the clip are claims that Palestinian civilians suffered no casualties in Israel’s military action in and around the hospital.

Here’s the recent footage that Trey posted on his timeline. You can judge for yourself what you make of the situation.

Other videos in the timeline show him speaking with the locals caught in the crossfire on the Gaza side, including those injured in collateral damage.

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