DEVASTATING: Did DeSantis Attack Ad Just Prove Haley’s Running For The Wrong Party?

It's bad enough we've had RINOs running for President... is she even worse?

With primaries just around the corner, this is exactly the kind of ‘no quarter’ campaign ad you might expect to see between bitter rivals fighting for top spot. Or in this case, the top spot for any candidate NOT named D.J. Trump.

At this point, it’s pretty clear that Trump is the runaway leader, but primaries are tricky things and with so many unknowns in this election, there’s a lot at stake for being the #2 candidate… regardless of whether that’s taking a real run at the top spot, or just hanging around as the understudy in case the lead actor finds himself unable play the role on opening night.

The DeSantis campaign is going after Nikki Haley on the grounds that she doesn’t belong as GOP leader because she’s not really Republican… and using her own words to prove it.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Whether it’s her admiration of Hillary Clinton, her position on no-limits immigration, her China connections or more, her instincts are not only out of sync with the Republican base, many of them are off by 180 degrees.

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