Shellenberger Weighs In On Musk Suit… Could Not Duplicate Media Matters Alleged Offensive Content

Media Matters might have some serious explaining to do

One of Musk’s leftwing authoritarian enemies made a play to choke Twitter/X out of the financial resources that keep the company solvent. This is a hostile act.

There is nothing wrong with trying to pressure companies to change their habits… unless you are caught creating and spreading a malicious lie to do so.

Elon Musk claims to have caught Media Matters in a lie. Michel Shellenberger tried to duplicate their results — and could not.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

The claim is looking sketchy at best. Quite possibly fraudulent. Getting caught red-handed for fraud is a real problem for a group like Media Matters… and their backers.

Media Matters is a leftwing political enforcement organization. They are every bit as aggressive at destroying an enemy as, say those leftwing shock troops in Black Bloc clothing are. But they are more sophisticated in how the pull it off.

They wear the good suits and show up to the right restaurants. But they’ve got a lot of dark money backing to destroy their political enemies. In fact, most of the left’s reaction to losing the Trump/Hillary election, and determination to destroy Trump politcally/legally and regain control fo information supply on social media was spelled out in David Brock’s white paper (manifesto?) Media Matters: War Plan 2017.

It included the same for organizations that have dogged Trump since the day he was sworn in (CREW was behind the recent attempt in Colorado to remove him from the ballot). Even before Obama left office, they were talking about what they would do to dirty up Trump, impeach him or make it impossible for him to be reelected.

This same organization is trying to chase advertisers away from doing business with one of the few voices that will NOT bend the knee to their unconstitutional information control exercises.

That’s a threat the left wants to destroy — as evidenced from the sudden wave of suits the government recently brought against Musk… not to mention the open hostility shown by Democrats to Musk during the Twitter files hearings.

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