Gavin Newsom Shoplifting Vid Puts The ‘Petty’ In Petty Potentate — He Goes Full ‘Karen’

Maybe he thought he looked like the hero in this story... but really, he's losing left and right

When this story first made the rounds, we looked at it briefly and laughed at the Governor’s silliness and ego. But it was only when people started talking about it that we noticed a detail that most people were missing.

We’re talking, of course about the video where Gavin Newsom told the story about shopping at Target and witnessing a shoplifter.

Asked the clerk why aren’t you doing anything about it? — She answered: the Governor.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

He proceeded to lecture her on how tough California law is and when she recognized him as governor, she wanted photos. He refused and demanded to talk to her manager.

For some reason, he thought this conversation (which included a ‘swear on my mother’s grave’ moment’) put him in a good light.

He’s getting dragged over his ego in this encounter… and he deserves it.

But the real scandal of this story shows itself in two very revealing things he shares. Worse still, he doesn’t even SEE them as damning.

First — it’s the contempt he has for his own citizens. He encounters a situation where there is an obvious problem (shoplifting ignored in a department store) and the citizen sees a direct connection between his policies and her daily lived experience of dealing with shoplifting.

With retail shops in Californian cities shutting down left and right and videos of shop owners defending their property with force going viral — a politician genuinely concerned about that problem would take this chance to listen, rather than lecture them. It’s just possible that someone at street level might catch something he’s missing from his ivory tower.

That’s the approach Vivek was seeing such success with. But Gavin would not condescend ask questions. He has all the answers.

But this is Mr. ‘French Laundry in Covid’, after all. Screw the little people.

He played the Karen card. No. He did NOT want to take a picture with a lowly shop clerk. He wanted to speak to the manager. (Imagine a grown man bragging about that!)

Second — How is he so ignorant of his own policies?

He bragged about how tough California laws were about ‘accountability’. He said that $950 is the tenth toughest in America. He proved to the world that he was absolutely clueless about what the clerk was actually talking about.

Sure, if you waltz out of there with a thousand bucks worth of merch, law enforcement might do something about it. But what happens to someone walking out with a couple of pairs of Nike Air?

Nothing. And that’s the point.

If he’d checked his massive ego at the door and LISTENED to someone who actually sees this every day, he might have learned something important about what’s really driving the problems Californians care about.

If only they were the donor class — maybe then he’d actually listen to what they’re saying.

The Cherry On Top:

He asked the exact same question so many other Californians have been asking for years now.

“And it was $380 later, and I was like ‘Why am I spending $380, everyone else can walk the hell right out?”

If he can figure out the significance of that question in this situation, he can begin to address the problem.

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