Infamous Hunter’s-Laptop-Is-Russian-Disinfo IC Letter Signer Has Changed His Statement

He still has Russia on his mind, but this admission is a big pivot from the original story

Though hardly a household name Douglas Wise was an exceedingly powerful man. Powerful enough that he was one of just 51 people to personally change the outcome of an election.

That may sound like overblown rhetoric until you remember that post-election polls were telling us that Biden voters in critical battleground states had not known about Hunter’s infamous ‘Laptop from Hell’ when they cast their vote. More importantly, if they HAD known about it, they would NOT have cast their vote in support of Joe Biden.

A great enough percentage of Democrat voters shared that view that it would have flipped election results in enough states to reelect Donald Trump.

That brings us back to Douglas Wise. Wise (formerly a Defense Intelligence Agency deputy director and now teaching at the University of New Mexico) represented one of the 51 signatures from the Intelligence Community on the letter proclaiming that Hunter’s [later proven authentic] laptop was probably Russian disinformation.

That endorsement was all Biden’s spin machine needed to shut down a very embarrassing story. First, Biden used the authority implied by that letter to shoot down Trump’s (valid) reference to it in their Presidential debate.

Second, it was cited by Feds leaning on Twitter, Facebook (and probably other Big Tech players as justification to silence the New York Post’s explosive stories about the infamous laptop.

This detail would later become relevant in Congressional hearings, civil lawsuits, and the much-publicized ‘Twitter Files’… but by then, who cares? Mission Accomplished. Biden was in, Trump was out. The general election had already come and gone.

Two years later, Wise sat down for an interview. Seeing as his name is now forever linked to one of the more famous/infamous documents in US history… he was asked about it.

But in an interview with The Australian published Sunday, Wise now admits most of what was found in the reported emails had to be based in reality.
“All of us figured that a significant portion of that content had to be real to make any Russian disinformation credible,” Wise told The Australian.
According to The Australian, Wise had no regrets signing onto the letter and said it was “no surprise” that the emails were genuine.
— FoxNews

That laptop has been proven genuine. It has no evidence of tampering. Even media outlets have admitted it, having brought it to experts.

As the Washington Examiner wrote in 2021:

Cyber forensic experts from Maryman & Associates were commissioned to examine thousands of text messages, emails, and photos on the laptop’s contents that were found on a copy of the hard drive obtained by the Daily Mail. The materials themselves offer a look into the personal life and business dealings of the son of President Joe Biden.
The review found the data on the system “before April 2019 appears to be related to Mr. Biden, with timestamps appearing to be between 2016 and 2019,” according to a report that culminated from the examination.
“The operating system timestamps appear to be authentic, and no evidence was found to suggest that the timestamps or data were altered or manufactured,” the report added. “No indications were found that would indicate the data was manufactured.”
–Washington Examiner

CBS finally got around to caring enough to check it out in 2022.

The independent analysis, by two cyber investigators from Minneapolis-based Computer Forensics Services, found no evidence that the user data had been modified, fabricated or tampered with. Nor did it find any new files originating after April 2019, when store records indicate Biden dropped it off for repair.
This digital forensic analysis was undertaken because the laptop data, as well as bank records, are at the center of the looming Republican-led House investigation into Biden family businesses.

What does this tell us? It tells us far more about the integrity of the so-called ‘Intelligence Community’ than it does about the situation with Biden’s laptop itself.

Fifty-one alleged civil servants conspired to write a purely partisan letter that changed history. That letter was written without a shred of supporting evidence or direct knowledge of the topic. It was received by much of the general as though it was handed down from Sinai by the hand of God himself.

They were, in fact, counting on that response.

Some of the names on this list have abused their power in other ways — like Brennan who was previously caught using government tools for spying on Congress so Obama would know what they were saying about waterboarding.

Chuck Schumer wasn’t kidding in 2017 when he told Trump that the Intelligence Community has ‘six ways past Sunday’ of ‘getting back’ at a person.

Now that we see that even the clear light of the truth wasn’t enough to shake someone like Douglas Wise from the Russian Disinformation lie they’ve been weaving, that interview sheds new light on the urgency of the GOP Congress exercising the oversight they promised to use on getting to the bottom of the weaponized government.

Ideally, finishing the job before the Democrat dream of their ‘fundamental transformation’ of turning America into a one-party state becomes realized.



Washington Examiner

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