MIRACLE: Tiny Preemie Beats The Odds And Survives

Some food for thought on the 'when life begins' question

The irony of so many who invoke the Roe decision is that most of them want more than the decision actually gives. It was a contentious case precisely because it recognized both the right of a mother to exercise certain autonomy and the right of a baby to have his or her life protected by law.

The difficult question raised in Roe was the same one Obama famously called ‘above his pay grade’… because he dare not answer it. When does human life begin?

Because at that point, the baby (and the state’s obligation to defend it) is not a theory, but a fact. But ever since Democrats lost the majority in SCOTUS, they have become louder in their defense of Roe while ignoring its key limiting principle. People who claim to champion Roe will, in their next breath, refuse to accept any upper limit to the right of a woman to snuff out the life in her womb. Right up to that final 40th week of gestation.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

It has come so far that a Democrat Governor just vetoed a bill that would obligate staff to provide life-saving care to an infant who somehow survives an abortion.

That brings us back to the fact that we need to grapple with the question of what it means to be human.

When are we alive? Conception? Heartbeat? First felt movements? First Breath? First breath of a WANTED child?

Those are important questions. And we will have to wrestle with them. But it’s easy to get lost in abstractions and lose sight of reality.

Meet Baby Charvi Matthews.

She was born at only 22 weeks along. She weighed only fourteen ounces and stood a 10% chance of survival. But mom and dad fought for her life. They loved her and saw her little life as precious and worth the fight.

Parents Millisa Matthews and Daniel Golding, from Greenwich in the UK, described the fragility of their baby. The couple said that Charvi was so small that she was the same size as the little doll they tucked into her incubator.
“There were times where I doubted our decisions to keep up Charvi’s treatment…

“But deep down, I always knew she’d make it, even when doctors told me I was just ‘prolonging the inevitable’ – and I want to share that message of hope to other families…

“I want other mothers to know that 22-weekers can survive, so don’t give up hope.

“Miracles can and do happen – Charvi has proven that.” –LifeSite

Source cited:

Life News

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