BUSTED: AG Garland’s DOJ Gave Instructions NOT To Enforce Laws Protecting SCOTUS

In the hearing, Garland made it sound like these decisions were made by the Marshalls

Safety has been a concern for SCOTUS, especially since the Dobbs leak led to protesters at their homes, organized harassment, and at least one assassination attempt.

Details were leaked online about where one of the Republican Justice’s children go to school.

Democrats got called out for talking about cutting security funding to SCOTUS. Not so long ago, Schumer stood on the steps and threatened some by name with his ‘reap the whirlwind’ rhetoric.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Jen Psaki refused to condemn the demonstrations outside their homes as protesters tried to intimidate the Judges into changing their (as-yet-unannounced) position on the leaked Dobbs decision. So did Biden. So did Garland.

In hearings, it was asked why there had been no enforcement of the laws that criminalize protests outside the homes of Judges. Garland dismissed it as merely a decision that had been made by law enforcement agents on the ground. His DOJ, he assured us, had no role in it.

But was that true? It sure doesn’t look like it.

The link in that thread takes you to the PDF of an 8-page letter written to Garland’s office. Here are a couple of screenshots so our readers can see the tone of the letter.

What do we call it when someone makes false statements while under oath?

What happens when the person whose only job is to see to the enforcement of the law of the land is the one who is found to have made such statements?

What ELSE has he been misleading us about?

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