Massachusetts Dem Resigns In Disgrace After DAMNING 161 Page Inspector’s Report

Including some of the 'most egregious transgressions' of law the Special Counsel has 'ever investigated'

On Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021, the DOJ issued a press release proudly announcing the confirmation of Rachael S Rollins.

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The United States Senate has confirmed Rachael S. Rollins as the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. Ms. Rollins is the first Black woman to ever be confirmed as U.S. Attorney in the District. She was nominated by President Joseph R. Biden on July 26, 2021. The District of Massachusetts is one of the oldest United States Attorney’s Offices in the country. — DOJ

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Less than two years later, that nominee has resigned in disgrace. The heart of the problem is the same complaint made about many other Biden appointees: he nominated an activist rather than a public servant.

It isn’t as if the GOP didn’t see this problem coming. Not a single Republican voted for her, raising serious questions about her judgment being clouded by her political activism. It took the tie-breaking vote from Kamala to confirm her. In that sense, Democrats and the White House bear sole responsibility for the performance of this nominee.

Vice President Kamala Harris casting a tie-breaking Senate vote to confirm a far-left Boston district attorney to be the top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts is the latest example of Democratic judicial officials “putting ideology before people,” Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said Thursday.
Cotton told Fox News he successfully lobbied for what was the first recorded vote for a U.S. attorney in 42 years, citing the need for all Democrats to go on the record to support such a nominee as Suffolk County D.A. Rachael Rollins.
Rollins was recently captured on video launching a verbal tirade at a media crew, threatening to have them arrested for asking her questions in public.
— FoxNews

It should surprise precisely nobody that she had heavy financial support from a certain Democrat billionaire activist with the initials G.S..

What happened in the year and five months this woman spent in her appointed political office?

Here’s how a network friendly to the left reported her resignation:

Rachael Rollins, the top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts, tried to influence the outcome of a race for Boston’s district attorney and violated multiple policies, the Justice Department’s internal watchdog said in a report released Wednesday.
The inspector general’s 161-page report alleges a broad array of misconduct by Rollins, who announced her resignation Tuesday. It accuses her of disclosing to a journalist nonpublic information about a possible Justice Department investigation, soliciting and accepting 30 free tickets to a Boston Celtics game and accepting payment from a sports and entertainment agency for flights and a stay at a luxury resort.
Rollins also routinely used her personal cellphone for Justice Department business, continued to accept contributions to her Suffolk district attorney campaign account after becoming U.S. attorney and attended a political fundraiser featuring Jill Biden, contrary to the advice she had been given and without proper Justice Department approval, the report said.
Another federal watchdog agency, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, found in its own investigative report that on multiple occasions Rollins violated the Hatch Act, a law that limits political activity by government workers. In a letter to President Joe Biden, Special Counsel Henry Kerner described Rollins’ violations as among the “most egregious transgressions” of the law that the agency has ever investigated. — CBS

She tried to leverage information she had privileged access to in order to hurt one Democrat nominee for AG in order to bolster the campaign of the rival she supported. She was actively leaking information harmful to one candidate and actively coordinating with the other.

In other words, in the same week that Durham has released details showing how government officials and elected representatives conspired to destroy and possibly unseat a duly-elected President (some would categorize such behavior as an insurrection or a coup), we have Joe and Kamala’s hand-picked darling resigning because she has been caught in the midst of a scandal in which she is rigging an election with total disregard for the will of the voters.

Not a great week for the self-described ‘Defenders of Democracy’ is it? If only someone cared as much for the idea of defending a ‘Republic’ as they do our ‘Democracy’… particularly one built on old notions such as equality under the law.

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