Electricity Producers Blast Biden’s New EPA Regs: ‘Not Legally Or Technically Sound’

Biden's utopian dream is hope and hype, not reality and substance

Remember when Democrats in the Senate rejected the Green New Deal? They knew they couldn’t gain power they needed to execute their plan if they were open about it.

Instead of writing laws that would never make it through Congress, they have rubber-stamped Joe Biden’s extremist nominees to go in and ‘fundamentally transform’ federal agencies into defacto enforcers of the hard-left’s will.

Early this year, we saw this dynamic play out with gas stoves. A story broke claiming activists wanted to outlaw them. Dems denied it. The press backed them up. Then suddenly, we heard stories about the harmful health effects of gas stoves. Before you know it, they start changing the rules governing gas stoves to exclude products available in stores. And some parts of the country outlaw gas in new construction. The conversation has already expanded and pivoted to gas water heaters.

The EPA has done the same thing on a larger scale with electricity production. The people producing electricity see the scam for what it is. And they are calling Joe out on it.

U.S. power plant owners warned the Biden administration on Tuesday that its sweeping plan to slash carbon emissions from the electricity sector is unworkable, relying too heavily on costly technologies that are not yet proven at scale.

Top utility trade group the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for revisions of the proposed power plant standards, which hinge on the widespread commercial availability of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and low-emissions green hydrogen, adding the agency’s vision was “not legally or technically sound.”

“Electric companies are not confident that the new technologies EPA has designated to serve as the basis for proposed standards for new and existing fossil-based generation will satisfy performance and cost requirements on the timelines that EPA projects,” EEI said in a public comment released on Tuesday on the agency’s deadline for feedback.

Resistance from the EEI and other energy-related groups poses a potentially big challenge to the administration’s climate agenda. — Reuters

The political left is often criticized for having grandiose theories that are absolutely impossible to implement in the real world.

The environmental left has run aground on the same problem.

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