FAFO: Target STILL Feeling The Pain After Pride Month Backlash

Gee, maybe insulting your customer base isn't the greatest idea.

Target played the “f*** around and find out” game — and lost. Badly.

Target had their first quarterly earnings report since customers reacted to the double-insult of child-centered pride merch and a clothing line made by someone alleged to be a no-kidding satanist.

The tipping point came from ‘tuck-friendly’ clothing designed for little boys to ‘tuck’ their penis so that male children could wear women’s swimwear.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The key word in that objection was ‘children’. The reaction by conservative shoppers in that store was both swift and strong.

Some past boycotts have run out of gas, but judging by the numbers, this one may have gained traction.

Quarterly sales for Target dropped for the first time in six years – with the company blaming its recent Pride collection for the sudden slump.

Sales at stores that have been open for at least a year dropped 5.4 percent in the last quarter, including a 10.5 percent dip online.

The company was also forced to cut its annual sales forecast and blamed the backlash it received for its LGBTQ+ collection – including a ‘tuck-friendly’ bathing suit.

As well as sales, Target’s foot traffic dropped 4.8 percent last quarter, with analysts blaming ‘a function of a mix that skews too discretionary, as well as the Pride merchandise issues.’

Target’s revenue for the three-month period that ended on July 29 was $24.8 billion — 4.9 percent lower than last year.

It is also worse than the company predicted, with its stock dropping nearly $14billion after the Pride Month controversy. — DailyMail

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