Mitt Romney Makes Big Announcement — And Trump Is There To Drag Him For It

As the filing deadline draws near, Romney makes his intentions clear

Mitt Romney is serving his final term as Senator for Utah.

He is facing a primary challenge in Utah, and Romney has taken a number of public stances that have not endeared him to the conservative public at large.

Casting aside the hopes and appeals of colleagues, including Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, the 76-year-old Utah Republican said on Wednesday he would retire as a one-term senator when his term ends in early 2025, rather than seek another six years among a dwindling number of Republican moderates in Congress.

Romney stood out within his caucus as a rare critic of former President Trump, but his decision to retire effectively surrenders his Utah Senate seat to a successor who could be more closely aligned with Trump and the hardline conservative politics of the state’s other U.S. senator, fellow Republican Mike Lee.

Romney nonetheless said he believed it was time to go.

“At the end of another term I’d be in my mid-80s. Frankly it’s time for a new generation of leaders,” Romney said in a video statement. “While I’m not running for reelection, I’m not retiring from the fight.” — Reuters

The support he still has from Mitch McConnell is actually pretty telling about the current direction of the GOP Senate and why leadership so seldom disagrees in public with anything the Democrats have been up to.

Not everyone in the GOP had such warm feelings toward Mitt. Donald J Trump had more reason to dislike him than most.

Trump may not be tweeting anymore, but he is every bit as spicy when throwing shade with his TruthSocial account as he was with Twitter.

He even invoked that blast from the past, Mitt’s old burner account that he would use to anonymously rush to his own defense.

That’s about as brutal as you can be without a reference to the time Mitt hit Trump up for a cabinet position and got turned down.

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