Israel Evacuation Effort Is Like Afghanistan All Over Again

Biden's administration is more committed to free flights for illegals than Americans in a war zone

With the shock attack by Hamas this weekend, Americans unexpectedly trapped in a war zone are scrambling for a way to get home safely… and once again are turning to others for help their own government can’t (or won’t) give.

This is becoming a pattern. Infamously, we learned that hundreds if not thousands were trapped in Afghanistan when Biden ordered a haphazard rushed pullout that failed in PRECISELY the way he himself predicted a rushed pullout would when he described what leaving Afghanistan would look like during the Obama years.

In the past year, there have been multiple instances in Africa where countries devolved into conflict and Americans had to turn to other governments for help arranging flights out of the country.

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Now, the flashpoint is in Israel.

As before, Americans are finding themselves trapped in a dangerous situation. As before, the government is doing little to help solve that problem.

As before, it has taken the initiative of individual people to do what The Government could not.

In Afghanistan, there was Operation Pineapple.

In Israel, we are seeing examples like this:

Meanwhile, the federal government was telling citizens to fend for themselves.

Major airlines began canceling their services out of Israel just hours before President Joe Biden told Americans remaining in the country to book a commercial flight if they want to leave after the terrorist organization Hamas invaded.

Biden advised Americans left within Israel Monday to book a commercial flight or utilize ground options if they wish to leave the country. As of Monday evening, American, Delta, United Airlines and Air France have all halted services in and out of Israel after the country declared war on Hamas, according to the Associated Press.

“For American citizens who are currently in Israel, the State Department is providing consular assistance as well as updated security alerts. For those who desire to leave, commercial flights and ground options are still available,” Biden wrote. “Please also take sensible precautions in the days ahead and follow the guidance of local authorities.” — DailyCaller

The Feds gave another update:

In a post on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, State Department officials tell U.S. citizens who want to leave Israel that commercial flights are available, though they may not fly directly to the U.S.

“We are also exploring contract options to facilitate U.S. citizen travel to nearby countries and will provide updates to U.S. citizens who have registered via our online form,” the post reads, directing readers to a crisis intake form. — FoxNews

There have been complaints that anyone getting to a safe third country would have to sign a waiver accepting the cost of finding their own way home from there.

Seeing the hundreds of billions Biden is willing to spend on student debt ‘forgiveness’, illegal immigrants and the endless war effort in Ukraine, it’s kind of a slap in the face that he can’t even be bothered to find a way to bring American citizens safely home from a war zone.

In a way, Trump has done more to help Americans find safe passage out of Israel than Biden has:

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