TRUMP: Judge In Letitia James Case Gets Slapped Down Yet Again… By Higher Court

A higher court yanked the rug out from under that gag order

It’s not as if this guy has a lot of credibility to burn in the first place. As Trump himself likes to say, he’s being slapped with charges that have never been invoked before, and the prosecution can’t even point to an actual victim that was harmed.

Trump was pronounced guilty before he’d even set foot in a courtroom and everything else is just details. That tells you all you need to know about what ‘justice’ is going to look like in this trial.

But Trump can still score some wins along the way.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Those wins are important. Not because the will change the verdict. The fix has been in on his verdict since the beginning. It’s important for that OTHER trial that is being prosecuted in parallel. The court of public opinion.

Every time this judge’s rulings get overturned, in a BLUE city, it’s one more piece of evidence in Trump’s favor that the judge really was behaving as a political activist in this case. To say nothing of the prosecution.

Judge David Friedman of the state’s intermediate appeals court issued what’s known as a stay — suspending the gag order and allowing the former president to speak freely about court staff while a longer appeals process plays out.

The trial judge, Arthur Engoron, imposed the gag order Oct. 3 after Trump posted a false comment about the judge’s law clerk to social media on the second day of the trial in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit. James alleges Trump exaggerated his wealth on financial statements used to secure loans and make deals.
At an emergency hearing Thursday, Friedman questioned Engoron’s authority to police what Trump says outside the courtroom. He also disputed the trial judge’s contention that restricting the 2024 Republican front-runner’s speech was necessary or the right remedy to protect his staff’s safety.

“Considering the constitutional and statutory rights at issue an interim stay is granted,” Friedman said, announcing his decision as he scribbled it on a court order.

The appellate court intervened after Trump’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against Engoron late Wednesday that challenged his gag order as an abuse of power. They sued the judge under a state law known as Article 78, which allows lawsuits over some judicial decisions. —AP

Constitutional rights are still a thing?

Well that’s good to know. Could you let the whole Executive branch know? It seems they need reminding.

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  1. The article says: ” … imposed the gag order Oct. 3 after Trump posted a false comment about the judge’s law clerk”
    What was the false comment? Did you mean “alleged” false comment? Did you mean a threatening comment? A comment that isn’t protected Free Speech? Please clarify. ‘Cuz from what I’ve seen, the LIARS have been the “judge”, the wanna-be “judge” clerk, latitia dimwit, and the biden / obama / soros folk putting on these stunts.

    1. You’re reacting to a direct quote of the supposedly ‘unbiased’ Associated Press news wires.

      It almost seems as their claim of neutrality might not be as ironclad as we are supposed to believe, eh?

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