Hey Lefties: Musk Is Going ‘Thermonuclear’ Against Media Matters… AND Their Dark Money

All those connected Democrat tendrils ought to be wondering if they are exposed too!

Media Matters may have just bitten off more than they can chew.

With a deep-pockets sugar-daddy like Soros backing them up, the Clinton loyalist hacks at Media Matters have been getting bolder and bolder. After all, in an administration as corrupt as Biden’s — who’s going to stop them?

Media Matters turned the same tactics they’ve been using since at least Clinton loyalist David Brock was enraged at Hillary getting spanked by Trump when they wrote the Media Matters: War Plan 2017 as a game plan to destroy the advantage the right had in the internet space — AND to defame and destroy Trump too. This was written even before he was sworn in.

This time, they were using their tactic of chasing advertisers away from a ‘toxic brand’ to undermine the viability of the free speech platform they can neither regulate or bully into compliance. Unfortunately for them, they got caught red-handed.

They created some dummy accounts with objectionable followings specifically designed to create some inflammatory screenshots that could be sent to big organizations. But they got caught.

Now, Elon Musk is gunning for them. As soon as the court is open on Monday morning, a suit will be filed.

And it’s not just him, either.

Why does that matter?

As long the dark money groups are tied up in a lawsuit, their ability to hose down the economy with money is severely reduced. It’s exactly the tactic the left employed with they hit the NRA with a nuisance suit just before an election cycle.

Sure would be a shame if that backfired on them, eh?

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