MEDIA BIAS: Compare The Coverage Of Senate Staffer Scandal To These GOP Stories

The media have already 'forgotten' it ever happend

The Democrat media loves to squeeze every juicy drop of salicious scandal out of any situation that leaves the GOP embarrassed.

When a ‘scandalous’ story came along that would embarass Rep Mace or Rep Boebert, the press spilled barrels of ink in covering an engagement broken off or spicy moment in a darkened theatre when two consenting adults on a date thought nobody was watching them.

Stories sprang up about Mace’s ex. Long op-eds were written about how Boebert had been giving sexual favors to her date with children present.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Of course, the one problem with those accusations was that she had done no such thing. It seems likely she had her hand in his crotch, but that would have been over the clothes.

Compare that breathless pearl-clutching against the deafening silence surrounding the video of a Democrat Senator’s staffer and his counterpart filming explicit homosexual acts on site on Amy Klobuchar’s chair in an official meeting room in The People’s House. Or worse, the shameless gaslighting. For example, this USA Today headline:

Blame it all you want on bias against the alphabet people, there aren’t very many employers who would be cool with their employees filming a porno of any sort at work, gay or otherwise.

But that didn’t stop the former employee from playing the victim.

Getting naked and swapping fluids at work seems like it might be a desecration some orders of magnitude more severe than putting your feet on Pelosi’s desk, or copping a feel while out on a date. And yet, the media has moved on.

They have shown no more interest in this story than they did in, say, reports of Ilhan Omar violating US Immigration Law by claiming to be her own brother’s wife.

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