Palestine Rallies Have Decided Joe Biden Is The Enemy

The activist left is throwing Joe to the wolves

Either the plan is to intimidate him into meek obedience, or they want someone further left on the ballot come October.

Through the Christmas travel rush and into the New Year, mobs of people waving Palestinian flags have filled the political void left by previous disruptive movements like BLM, Antifa, Pussy-hat marches, or Occupy Wall Street.

This one, however, isn’t shy about calling out Democrats who fail to share their list of priorities.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

They are doing things that most groups on the left would never have done: like crashing a Democrat parties and beating up a civil rights influencer. Or intentionally grinding a Blue City to a halt. Or calling out Democrats who are a little ‘TOO’ center in their center-left politics.

That’s how Biden got his clever new nickname: ‘Genocide Joe’.

They’re shutting down airports…

Blocking Bridges…

There’s even a lawsuit.

Joe Biden’s party has created this monster. They LOVE having an army of grievance protesters ready to rage at the drop of a hat.

That rabid dog wasn’t on so tight a leash as they might have thought. Now it’s gone rogue and is biting people it’s not supposed to… just like Joe’s dogs.

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