Ohio House Overrides DeWine’s Veto Of Legislation On ‘Trans’ Issues

DeWine's veto looks like it's done for

The Ohio House has overridden the veto… their Senate looks like it will do the same.

All this veto has really accomplished is to shine a light on DeWine’s donors and make it look like someone else might be pulling his strings.

Specifically, this story came to light:

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Republican Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio received thousands of dollars in donations from donors who provided transgender medical services or opposed efforts to ban the procedures for minors. — ShoreNewsNetwork

The thing about taking a ‘principled stand’ is, if people suspect it might be phony, you ultimately hurt your reputation more than helping it.

The House’s Republican super-majority voted 65-28 in an emergency session Wednesday to overturn the GOP governor’s Dec. 29 veto of House Bill 68, which combines the Saving Adolescents from Experimentation Act and Save Women’s Sports Act.

The House easily cleared the three-fifths majority, or 59 votes, needed under state law to override a gubernatorial veto. The Senate, which also has a veto-proof Republican majority, is scheduled to return Jan. 24, and would need 20 votes to upend the veto.

If both chambers override the veto, the law would go into effect 90 days later.

“This is a vote to protect women and children,” said Republican state Rep. Melanie Miller after the vote. “We must protect our children from making life-altering decisions at such an early age — decisions that they will never be able to reverse. Moms and dads always need to be a part of these critical decisions.”
She added that the override “ensures that females can compete on a level playing field, and not against biological males.” — WashingtonTimes

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  1. Money talks and the corrupt will take as much as they can. This governor took money over morals and protecting children. At least the people in this government has enough decency to protect children. Congrats Republicans for standing up for children and letting them be children not a experiment for some sick doctors and subcreatures destroying children lives

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