Three Americans Dead In Drone Strike By Iran

Does Biden need to say *Don't* again, but more sternly this time?

In early 2020, Joe Biden used the occasion of a military strike against American forces to claim that Trump was weak… now the shoe is on the other foot.

In his typical show-of-strength bravado, Trump once downplayed the effectiveness of attacks on US forces by dismissing the injuries as ‘minor’. He caught hell for it from groups back home because they took that, not as a taunt of the enemy as being ineffective, but as a diminishing of the real injuries suffered by American forces.

Joe Biden (and the activist media) picked up that story and used it as a cudgel to beat on Trump.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Since then, Joe has learned that it’s a lot easier to criticize the other guy than it is to be the guy making the hard decisions.

Between the attack that killed thee (and injured a couple of dozen others) and the two SEALs now presumed dead, Joe Biden is racking up a body count in a region where he isn’t even at war. And the guys responsible are the same buddies he has bent over backward to make happy.

If you haven’t yet heard, here’s an update on the attack:

Three US service personnel were killed and dozens wounded after a drone hit a military outpost in Jordan, known as Tower 22, which lies on the border with Iraq and Syria. The US president, Joe Biden, has blamed Iran-backed militants for the attack and said: “We will hold all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner [of] our choosing.”

Iran has denied any involvement in the attacks but Islamic Resistance in Iraq have claimed responsibility as part of efforts, galvanised by the Israel-Hamas war, to try to drive US troops out of Iraq and Syria.

Who are Islamic Resistance in Iraq?
The attack on the US base was claimed by Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a term used to describe a loose coalition of Iranian-backed militias that oppose US support for Israel in the war in Gaza. Membership of the group is deliberately vague, allowing each armed group a level of plausible deniability, according to the Atlantic Council.

There is evidence suggesting Iran’s Revolutionary Guards play a coordinating role, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy said. —Guardian

Breitbart offers that old Biden quote in against the current context

“‘No, they just have headaches,’” Biden said, paraphrasing Trump before adding unintelligibly, “Basically what my words not his basic ones just grow up. They’re just all headaches.”

However, under Biden, as of Christmas Day 2023, there were at least 66 U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria who had been injured by Iran-backed attacks, including at least one critically injured and at least 19 who were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries. The Pentagon has dismissed those injuries as minor.
There have been more than 150 Iran-backed attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria since then. The attacks on Sunday took place at a military base on the border of Jordan and Syria. — Breitbart

Remember that time that Joe Biden was asked about his message to Iran using the Hamas terror attack as an opportunity to escalate violence in the region? Joe and Kamala both gave the same ‘message’ to Iran and other proxies like Hezbollah: don’t.

We were assured that Iran heard that message and would be standing down.

And yet, those 150 Iran-backed attacks have resulted in some very real casualties… some thing more than headaches. And what is Biden doing about it?

If he REALLY wanted a non-violent way to hurt them he’d drop ALL of the red tape holding back energy production… ‘drill baby drill’.

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