YO, BIDEN: Even Bill Maher Is Calling BS On Your ‘Change Laws To Fix Border’ Line

This is the same Maher that openly hoped for a recession so that Trump wouldn't be re-elected in 2020

Bill Maher is a liberal and a libertine, but he isn’t an apologist for every whim of the left’s pink-hair activist crowd.

When he gets pushed further then even his leftwing leanings are willing to take him, he will snap back.

He did it on the gender affirming question. He did it on the perpetually offended ‘woke’ crowd.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

And now, he’s doing it on Biden’s border Crisis.

The official line Biden is feeding us has been that the border is broken because of bad policy.
The GOP’s reply is that the border is broken because Dems refuse to enforce it.

Bill is calling BS.
We all see how he has been tying himself in knots to keep that border open. But we’re supposed to think the man who signed 17 Executive Orders within an hour of swearing in — including orders curtaining border enforcement measures — needs a new piece of paper.

Meanwhile, the Senate is pushing ‘bipartisan’ bills that could give Biden pretty much everything he could possibly want on this issue.

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