Learning From History — An Answer To Unending Debt Crises That Has Worked Before (VIDEO)

Before the left rejects this 'conservative' idea, it has received support from Both Wilson and Biden

It’s been a lot of years since Senator Biden spoke of such things, but back in the Carter years when someone NOT named Joe Biden was authorizing runaway spending, he suggested a simple idea.

It’s an idea that has shown some real signs of success earlier in American history.

With debt running into numbers that cannot be fathomed, it’s time to start looking beyond the status quo if we don’t want the entire American experiment to grind to a halt, crushed under the weight of our own runaway spending.

On an episode of Right Angle, Scott Ott kicks off a question to members of the Bill Whittle team as they look into ideas that might get us off the hamster wheel of escalating debt.

[Video used by permission from the BillWhittle (dot com) website]

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  1. The real solution [to money in politics] is (as good as it gets…) is to repeal the 16th amendment.
    That gets rid of the income tax and the IRS.
    Then the Feds can be funded by the States. And instead of the states being funded and controlled by the Feds with their own money, the states control the Feds.
    And the Feds do not have lobbyists vying to to bribe for monetary and legislative support which the states can object to.
    Here is how to get that repeal of the 16th.
    The COS application allows for amendments in three areas Here is a summary, detail in the link.
    The 3-part Convention of States Platform
    1. Impose fiscal restraints on the federal government
    2. Limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.
    3. Limit the terms of office for its officials
    COS Application>
    How we are using Article V of the Constitution to call a Convention of States and restore America
    Sign Petition

    1. We also should repeal the 17th Amendment. Senators should be the lobbyists for their states; states should not be spending millions of dollars on K Street. The people’s access to their Senators would be improved because the Senators would then be strongly accountable to their state legislatures, and it’s much easier to get a legislator to hear you out than a Senator. As a bonus, we reduce the corrupting influence of money on politics, and may thereby make headway on reducing the corrupting influence of politics on money.

  2. There is a brake on federal overgrowth, but the pedal has been broken off. The Tenth Amendment guarantees a right to a limited federal government, but judicial “standing” rules make it almost impossible to get an injunction against a violation. Try suing to block an appropriation for a trashy artwork or a study of hamster reproduction – the court will say, “You can’t explain how this hurts you directly, so you have no standing. Case dismissed.” But all of us are injured by the illegal expenditures.

    Therefore, we need a law making it clear that any citizen who is eligible to vote has standing to sue to block an usurpation of powers not enumerated to Congress in the Constitution, and include a “loser pays” provision to prevent both frivolous suits and running-up-the-bill actions by the government.

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