Do You Believe The Looming Trump Indictment Is A Coincidence Or A Distraction From Biden’s Banking?

When asked, John Ratcliffe was no big believer in coincidences

In an exchange with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures, she asked John Ratcliffe what he thought about the timing of the dubious criminal indictment expected to be dropped on Trump this week.

Is it just a lucky coincidence for Joe Biden that this is eating up the news cycle at a time when GOP oversight is getting their hands on records of cash transfers from the CCP that look very incriminating to the Biden family?

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  1. This is like the time when Bill Clinton ordered the bombing of an Aspirin factory to prevent the media from reporting on his crimes. It took the spotlight off of his crime family.

    1. Yep – the dems have long since mastered the art of deflecting attention away from their crimes oops I mean scandals as the lame stream media always calls them. Notice that anything their opponents do are automatically ‘crimes’ and dangerous to ‘our’ democracy……………………..

  2. Of course it’s the dem way..expose Biden and arrest Trump! Do they know how ridiculous they look? Trump must terrify them because we will always support Trump even if he has to run from a jail cell, that is just how bad dems are!

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