Sen Kennedy Undresses Another Biden Judicial Nominee With Simple Legal Q’s (VIDEO)

This is what happens when your criteria for nominees has nothing to do with competence

For a party that pretends to care so much about legal reform, they should take a closer look at what kind of judges they are nominating.

If they really believe that the legal system is steeped in systematic racism and tilts against minorities who don’t have access to world-class lawyers, Biden nominees should be especially well-versed in the protections afforded to a witness against such tactics.

With documented cases — past and present — of the DoJ hiding evidence that could lead to the acquittal of the accused, the Brady case is an especially topical piece of legislation.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

And this candidate didn’t have a clue. Four and a half years on the bench.

Not only did he NOT have a clue… he underscored his ignorance when he tried a hail-Mary guess.

Sorry, sir, it does NOT have anything to do with the Second Amendment.

But thanks for coming out.

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  1. The fact that they do not know or care not to know how the constitution or the law works, means absolutely nothing, their sole function is push the totalitarian agenda of the democrat party!

  2. They do not know or care about the constitution is that they are COMMUNISTS! You can spend all the time you want arguing the nuance of that point but “they is what they is”. Lenin absolutely hated the constitution as well as the United States in general. That should tell you all you need to know about COMMUNISTS!!!!! Remember, COMMUNISTS dont live by their own rules (diktats) because they are the elites who tell the proletariat how they WILL live(AND THEY WILL LIKE IT).

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