OBSTRUCTION? DOJ Plays Alleged ‘Dirty Trick’ To Derail Star Witness In Hunter Biden Testimony

Why the sudden urgency to put Devon in jail, right when he's ready to testify about 'The Big Guy'?

Just as Comer came onto Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday show to talk about the testimony that Devon Archer — who served with Hunter on Burisma’s Board of Directors — news broke about that same witness.

Joe Biden’s DOJ sent a letter — on a SATURDAY — urging that the judge overseeing Devon Archer’s appeal make a sentencing decision, and send him off to jail.

A letter like that, sent on a Saturday, concerning someone who is about to appear before Congress as a whistleblower with potentially damning information about his business dealings with the President’s own family raises some obvious red flags.

The DOJ has since sent a correction notice. Whether that is a ‘clarification’ in line with their original intent, or a pivot in response to public pressure, we leave to our readers to decide.

“Nonetheless, for the avoidance of all doubt, the Government requests that any surrender date, should the Court order one, be scheduled to occur after the defendant’s Congressional testimony is completed,” the letter also read, with added emphasis. — TownHall

Having seen how the DOJ has been complicit in covering all sorts of derogatory information against Joe and Hunter Biden for years (while harassing the GOP) — there is no ‘benefit of the doubt’ to be had.

The burden of proof now is on them to show they are acting in good faith. And it will be for a long time to come.

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