Trump & Tucker — Counter-Programming To The FoxNew GOP Debate

The were taking oxygen out of the debate... and both men knew it

Trump and Tucker both understood the cultural significance of the moment, and it showed up in the very first quesitons Tucker pitched Trump’s way.

You can cover a lot of ground in 45 minutes, and they did exactly that.

Right off the bat, they covered not one, but TWO elephants in the room. First was the question about why Trump was NOT in Wisconsin when everybody else (except Larry Elder) was part o that event.

The other one was less immediately obvious — until Tucker raises it. Then suddenly, it’s all you can see.

First he asked Trump why he wasn’t joining the other candidates in Wisconsin. His answer — like most of his answers in this video — was vintage Trump. If you’ve been following him closely over the years, you’ll have a good sense of what he’s going to say.

Then Tucker pivoted to a question about TV. This interview dropped five minutes before the official start of the debate in Wisconsin with Tucker’s old colleagues.

As of about 2am, this video is already well north of 20 Million views… and counting. That’s WAY more than he used to get on the network.

The question Tucker asked went to the heart of the company that just fied him. Is TV dead?

Ouch. That’s ruthless and cold. I kinda like it.

What were some of the other topics covered in this interview? Here are a few highlights.

Trump was given a chance to bash Barr — and they wound up talking about Epstein Island, and later, specific allegations of election fraud made by AGs. (5:16)

They both made fun of Chris wallace. (16:13) Tucker was more savage than Tucker was in this instance, including calling him a ‘fussy little man’.

The contempt was palpable.

Trump was asked whether he had a preferred political opponent. He’d be happy to face Biden again.

Then he got into election priorities. That and he had some choice words for Mitch McConnell.


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