Biden, Jean-Pierre Give Conflicting Messages About The ‘Secure’ Southern Border (VIDEO)

Who are we supposed to believe, the President or the Spokesperson for the President?

RNC Research posted a pair of videos on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday revealing that the White House’s messaging isn’t coherent.

On Thursday, while visiting the FEMA headquarters, President Biden said that his administration is unable to secure the Southern border and prevent illicit drugs from being smuggled into the United States until Congress approves an additional $15 billion for “the technology needed.”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

On the same day, during the White House Press Briefing, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted, “The president has done more to secure the border and to deal with this issue of immigration than anybody else. He really has!”

So, who do you believe — the President who says that the border can be secured if only the GOP-controlled House loosens the purse strings, or the White House Press Secretary who says that the Biden Administration is doing everything it can to secure the border as we speak?

Or, we could just look at what the U.S. Border Patrol is reporting.

The U.S. Border Patrol arrested at least 91,000 migrants who crossed as part of a family group in August, exceeding the prior one-month record of 84,486 set in May 2019, during the Trump administration. Families were the single largest demographic group crossing the border in August, surpassing single adults for the first time since Biden took office.

Overall, the data show, border apprehensions have risen more than 30 percent for two consecutive months, after falling sharply in May and June as the Biden administration rolled out new restrictions and entry opportunities. The Border Patrol made more than 177,000 arrests along the Mexico border in August, up from 132,652 in July and 99,539 in June.
Source: Washington Post

It looks like the White House Press Secretary isn’t telling the truth.

But neither is President Biden since we already know that fentanyl is coming across the border. The administration doesn’t need another $15 billion to determine that.

The flood of illegal migrants and illicit drugs would end if the Biden administration would simply enforced existing immigration law and refused to allow bogus asylum claims by economic migrants. But they won’t do that and so, the situation continues to deteriorate and more individuals and families are making that dangerous trek with the assistance of the cartels. It’s a horrible situation for everyone… except the cartels.

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  1. The southern border has indeed become more secure under Biden. More secure for illegal invaders from the south. They now have very little difficulty in crossing the border, and the availability of US government assistance in finding free stuff is at an all-time high.

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