Imam In America Calls 10/7 A ‘Great Victory’ While Biden Worries About Right-Wing ‘Extremists’?

For context -- Joe's FBI wanted moles to work in Latin Mass because they were 'extreme'

In your opinion, is advocating traditional pro-life positions on abortion more extreme or less extreme than a leader of a religious group using his position of influence to teach his followers that the various atrocities committed on October 7th in Israel are a ‘great victory’?

Let’s not forget that those atrocities include the murder and kidnapping of US citizens who are STILL held hostage by a terrorist group?

Are there any US citizens HERE for whom he would encourage the murder and rape?

He is elevating terrorist acts and presenting them as praiseworthy to people who look to him for moral guidance.

How many others like him do we have in America?

It’s one thing for Joe Biden to bleat on about the dangers of ‘islamophobia’. But what about the ones who actually mean others harm?

Are we supposed to turn a blind eye when the threat is legitimate?

Because our own FBI is now warning us about the possibility of terror attacks that might copy what Hamas did.

Doesn’t the possiblity of that go WAY up when we’ve got religious leaders presenting moral monsters as if they are heroes — religious martyrs, even — whose actions should be emulated?

Whose actions supposedly have the blessing of Heaven itself?

You can see in the context of that sermon, as summarized by MEMRI, that invokes Vietnam’s Tet Offensive suggesting it may lead to a withdrawal the way that Americans were made to withdraw from Vietnam. There was also an assertion that — by reason of birthrate — they (Islam) will be ‘in control of things’.

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  1. Joe, The Regime, The Party, Dem media and rank & file Democrats pushed this Right-Wing-is-Biggest-Domestic-Threat throughout the nearly six-hundred “Summer of Love” riots of 2020. Now still pushing this narrative even as Jews are told to “hide in that attic” while being threatened with rape and murder. …showing *again* that Dems care about getting, keeping & growing their own power more than they care what actually happens to individual people. Pretty much sums up the complete lie that is the Democrat ideology.

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