Fetterman Lighting Up Senate Democrats For NOT Stripping Menendez Of Clearances

How in the heck did Fetterman become the conscience of his party?

With their majority, Dems have slightly more than 50 members of the Senate. The Dems clearly aren’t interested in hearing ANY corruption complaints from the GOP.

But what about when their own party is calling them out on obvious examples of corruption — say, a member accused of felonies including bribery and selling influence and/or state secrets?

If the Democrats don’t have the moral fortitude to kick him to the curb (because they care more about political power), shouldn’t they at LEAST have the decency to prevent him from sitting in on classified briefings between the countries he was (allegedly) paid to peddle influence for?

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Fetterman, for his part, is holding the line on this.

Maybe he is something more than the brain-dead rubber-stamp for his party’s worst ideas that we took him for.

Ok, sure, he’s still a stark raving commie but let’s be honest. He’s hardly the only one of THOSE in the Senate.

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