Let’s Not Forget That Important Piece Of Overlap Between Trump’s Prosecutors And Nikki Haley

Is Nikki part of the lawfare crowd's no-Trump 'off-ramp'?

You’ll notice that Nikki Haley — who sometimes pretends to be super-focussed on the NEXT race — keeps looking ahead to Super Tuesday. Is she a part of her benefactor’s long game?

Those of us paying attention to the calendar know that the day before Super Tuesday was a super-convenient for a curiously orchestrated Just-Us system to just ‘happen’ to schedule the first day of Trump’s criminal trial.

One day before Super Tuesday. Oh look — there is still one anti-Trump competitor in the running.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Isn’t it interesting that one of her billionaire benefactors just happens to be one of the billionaire activists driving the various court cases against Trump.

What. A. Coincidences.

Supposing of course that such things can be believed to exist in the federal government.

A recent video put out by Vivek reminds us that the guy behind that ridiculous $83M defamation case that Nikki Haley just ‘happens’ to support is also one of the big dollar Democrat donors behind the Nikki Haley campaign.

The left makes no secret about using every weapon they can to destroy their political opposition — whether they are Trump, 3rd party candidates, or anything standing between them and re-electing Biden.

Has Nikki considered the possibility that she is just one more useful tool in the left’s toolbox of achieving their private ends… and that she, too, will find herself on the short end of that stick when she no longer serves a purpose?

Or does she really believe SHE is clever enough to actually be the one using THEM?

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  1. She is “waiting in the wings” for her chance to overtake Trump. But even with all her big money donors, the people still are for Trump. She is sucking money better spent to defeat biden and his commie machine. I won’t vote for her in any case, I’ll write in trump if I have to.

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