WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Unleashes Her Inner Bigot In This Video

This is supposedly fine, but calling it the 'Wuhan' virus somehow whips up anti-asian hate?

Remember when Nancy Pelosi and her cronies went out of their way to have Chinatown photo-ops when then-President Trump talked about a certain virus that had leaked from a Chinese laboratory?

Trump was a ‘racist’ for calling it the China virus. Forget the fact that we routinely name viruses after their point of origin… Trump is a bigot and must be stopped. He’s inciting violence, don’t you know?

The very mention of Wuhan endangers the lives of Asian Americans.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

You’ve heard it all so many times before. Any time they can dig up a victim to make their enemies seem ‘mean’ they never miss that opportunity.

So… by the rules of her own game, doesn’t THIS video clip where she claims China is behind the Palestinian protesters demanding a ‘ceasefire’ make Nancy Pelosi a racial bigot?

Isn’t this the same woman who refused to so much as remove Swalwell from the Gang of Eight position after he was outed for his alleged dalliances with Fang Fang?

What changed?

As for whether ‘China’ is behind it? I’m no linguist, but something tells me that the watermark ‘Hallalflow’ isn’t exactly a Chinese brand.

We’ll leave our readers to decide where the influence is REALLY coming from.

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