Articles To Impeach Mayorkas Have Advanced To The Next Stage… Out Of Committee

After years of ignoring it, the press will FINALLY be forced to cover the crisis

Articles of impeachment are now moving forward on Mayorkas for his handling of the border.

The House Committee on Homeland Security just voted to send this question past to the committee, where it can be voted on by all of Congress.

While the odds of a Democrat-held senate voting to convict someone from their own administration are slim — it does set up a couple of interesting storylines.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Republicans will:
— call experts to testify about how the situation has worsened under Biden.
— highlight questions of how the ‘migrants’ are abused by cartels — including rape, and being sold into slavery in sex trafficking or child labor.
— highlight the graveyards filling up with unnamed illegal immigrants who didn’t survive the journey.
— present Biden as the greatest friend the criminal Cartels ever had (making money hand over fist)
— highlight the harms this influx of people has had on American communities around the country

The press will be forced to either cover that story, or stay silent, allowing the political right to frame the issue. (They won’t choose silence.)

That puts Dems in a difficult situation when it comes time to vote for impeachment. In places like Chicago, there is no doubt what the impact of Biden’s border polices have been. Even diehards in the urban strongolds Democrats count on are starting to rethink their loyalties.

So how should Democrats spin this impeachment process? Is it a GOP witch-hunt over a ‘nothingburger’? (That could anger voters in sanctuary cities who have taken a real hit in city services because of all the mouths they need to feed now.)

Or do they vindicate Trump in acknowledging the problem?

Either way, they could pay a price for it.

Supposing Mayorkas grins his way to acquittal — even an acquittal is an albatross the GOP can ust hang around the necks of vulnerable senators in an election year.

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