Cori Bush Blames ‘Far Right’ For Criminal Investigation Into Her Misuse Of Funds

She's the real victim here. Just ask her.

We knew the DOJ was looking into somebody in Congress for the misuse of security funds. Now we have a name.

Cori Bush — of ‘the squad’ — was one of the loudest proponents of ‘defunding the police’. Which made the dizzying amount of money she spent on personal security that much harder to explain.

Now that the criminal investigation into her use of federal dollars is public knowledge — including money paid to her own husband — she held a press conference to defiantly defend her own honor from ‘right wing organizations’ to keep her from doing the work voters in St. Louis sent her to DC to do.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

That’s pretty rich for a woman who used her power to give George Santos a one-way ticket back to New York.

Maybe it’s only politics when she’s on the receiving end?

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