Biden Crime Family Update — And New Evidence Of Joe’s White House Obstructing Justice

Dems DESPERATELY tried to catch Trump for 'obstruction'... so why is Biden doing THIS

There is an investigation into possible wrongdoing by Joe Biden. It concerns allegations that Joe was on the take while sitting as Veep. Joe keeps hiding the ball — is it arrogance, stupidity, or…?

There have been a number of developments since we last checked in on the investigation into Hunter/Joe Biden and their family misusing elected office for personal gain.

We’re seeing the committee move ahead with depositions of his relatives and associates. We’re seeing relevant information subpoenaed.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

We are also seeing the White House stonewalling information they have no reasonable excuse NOT to present… especially with the precedents Dems have set both with the Trump impeachment, and with the striking down of privilege again and again in their investigations into Trump.

Here’s Comer taking a five-minute slot on Hannity to bring us up to speed.

Since this has aired, a formal subpoena has been issued for the early drafts of those Ukraine speeches given in Ukraine while veep. This could be a big deal because it will show whether Joe has changed his speeches to respond to pressure from Burisma over the firing of Victor Shokin.

If there were last-minute changes, he will have to explain what accounted for those sudden changes… despite the fact that they contradicted policy.

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