WATCH: NY Gov Kathy Hochul Suggests Deporting Migrants That Attacked Cops

Deport them? New York can't even hold them on bail!

You may have seen clips of the vicious beatings a mob of illegal aliens (or whatever polite new name they’ve been christened) laid down on New York’s Finest over the weekend.

Arrests were made. Names were named. Even staunch supporters of sanctuary laws have suddenly remembered that Americans aren’t obligated to accept everyone who shows up demanding entry.

Gov Hochul obviously sees the writing on the wall as this sanctuary city status is being abused to the point of unstainability. When asked whether the men responsible for the beat-down should be deported, she replied:

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

“I think that’s actually something that should be looked at. I mean, if someone commits a crime against a police officer in the state of New York and they’re not here legally, it’s definitely worth checking into,” Hochul said.

“It’s wrong on all accounts and I’m looking to judges and prosecutors to do the right thing.”

The names of the 5 men charged with assault are: Darwin Andres Gomez-Izquiel, 19, Kelvin Servita Arocha, 19, Wilson Juarez, 21, Jhoan Boada, 22, and Yorman Reveron, 24.

Remember when Trump was mocked as ‘racist’ for saying these people are ‘not sending their best’?

Are the sanctuary-city libs ready to admit he was right about some things?

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  1. I think the Governor has it right. These people need to be deported. If they get away with this, which obviously they have since they have all been released, every migrant will feel they can do the same thing. Unless New York City wants to turn into a toilet bowl like some cities in California, they would do well to give these illegals a free ride out of town.

  2. Hey, Gov Kathy Hochul: deported immigrants (read invaders) can and will come back in as many times as they want to ad infinitum; they need to be prevented from coming in in the first place!

  3. We have police forces who are afraid to attack rioters. They are afraid that they will be charged with a crime for defending themselves. And they know that the rioters will be released without bail, and will come back at the police with lawsuits.
    The culprits in this scenario are liberal judges who fail to uphold the legal system.

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