WHOOPS: KJP Brags On Biden’s Record… Throws Obama Under The Bus On WORST Possible Day

Joe's already bleeding support from minority groups... this won't help any

When KJP first took over from Circle-Back Psaki, we gave her the compliment that she was not nearly as effortless a liar as her predecessor.

She still told the very same lies you would expect any flunkie for the Democrats to tell, but she wasn’t nearly as good at it as Jen was.

Since then, telling even the most outrageous lies comes much more easily to her… as can be seen in this video where she claims that Joe Biden has accomplished more in three years than any other President has in eight.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

She picked a helluva time to make THIS bold claim.

Isn’t it Black History month now?

Is she claiming that three years of Joe Biden has eclipsed EVERYTHING accomplished by the left’s beloved OBAMAssiah?

Kicking off Black History month by throwing Obama into the dustbin of history as an afterthought is a helluva bold move. Especially for the team that has pushed ALL their chips in on issues of identity politics.

Let’s see how it works out for them.

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