BORDER DEAL: Trump & Haley Clash On The Senate Deal… Hear Her ‘Why’

Trump is no fan of the Schumer/McConnell border deal... Nikki, on the other hand, loves it

She didn’t even have to read the deal to know she loved it.

Maybe it was all the money it was sending to Ukraine.

Maybe it was language that gave the appearance of ‘doing something’ to solve the border crisis.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

The wall isn’t in there. It is loaded with loopholes so that Biden can claim there is tough legislation… but never have to be held to it.

Did you know that all border cases are to be resolved in DC courts?
How about the fact that immigration numbers from countries other than Mexico and Canada don’t count against that total we kept hearing about?

But Nikki LOVES it. She says so herself.

And Trump is ‘playing politics’ with the border. RIGHT.

If you’re going to invoke September 11, your ‘solution’ ought to be better than the status quo.

But ‘now is not the time to play politcs’.

In that case, maybe you should NOT go off half-cocked praising a democrat deal to ‘fix’ the border before the language of the bill had been released. As always the devil is in the details… and there were a lot of details for the devil to mess with in this bill.

Here’s one of many details that have come out about the proposed ‘deal’ since she so enthusiastically endorsed it:

One might almost think the only thing she cared about was funding Ukraine.

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  1. The problem with Nikki Haley is that she stands for nothing. As a politician she goes with the flow, Power is her goal, and she will side with whatever makes her look good. I would rather vote for someone who I might disagree with at time but has a stance and will support it even if it may be different than the policy that may be popular at the time.

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