Kamala Raises Fears That GOP Will ‘Weaponize DOJ’ … No, This Isn’t Satire

This sound like something you might read on the Onion or Babylon Bee -- but it's not

If Goebbels were still alive to day, one suspects he would grudgingly admire Kamala’s audacity in gaslighting the American public.

To look the public in the eye as they watch public malfeasance — only to blame the other guy for it – takes a rare kind of confidence.

Imagine, for example, an administration that helped raise bail funds for rioters from a movement (or series of movements) that burned down businesses, killed a couple of dozen innocents, and violently clashed with police officers — dumped obscene resources into (selectively) prosecuting J6, all but ignored attacks against churches and pro-life clinics in favor of locking prayer groups in prison, calling parents possible terrorists, setting up informants in latin mass churches, and relentlessly prosecuting the main GOP rival to the sitting president with court cases that will both defame him and divert his wealth into court fees.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

But Kamala is concerned that Trump would somehow ‘weaponize’ the DOJ that undercutting Trump since at least 2016 while mysteriously failing to prosecute Hunter Biden until they are dragged there kicking and screaming by a judge who blew up the secret plea deal.

Absolutely shameless.

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  1. Blaming the Republicans for what they do is a typical ploy of the Democrats. They blame Republicans for the border situation. The claim that Trump would be a dictator when basically that is what Biden is. Claiming that Trump would weaponize the DOJ is nothing new. The Dems have nothing to run on so they can only claim that Trump would do what they are doing.

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