OOPS: MSNBC Footage Of Black Barbershop In South Carolina Spells BAD News For Biden Campaign

But it does help explain the latest NBC polls where Trump's lead is growing

Remember when then-candidate Donald Trump went to Michigan with a very simple question – what the hell do you have to lose?

He won that year, against all the odds. Then he served a term in office. After that, whatever you may think of the circumstances, another guy took over. His cheerleaders in politics and the media have been thumping their chests about how awesome a president Joe has been.

This time — if we do get the inevitable rematch we seem to be headed for — the media machinery can ‘fortify’ the election in Joe’s favor as much as they want, there is one data point completely beyond even the reach of media and big tech.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Lived experience.

Both Presidents have shown the country what life under their agenda looks like. Biden will NOT appreciate the verdict being handed down.

The Ronald Reagan question was: Are you better off than you were four years ago? And he drew on that idea to ask specific questions about the economy.

MSNBC set up a camera in a black barbershop in South Carolina and asked about the 2024 election. This crowd doesn’t need to be asked Reagan’s question. They defaulted to today’s equivalent of the Reagan/Carter economy comparison all on their own.

Voter: “For sure. A lot of my friends are… they’re like well, we’re broke with Biden, we weren’t with Trump… with Trump, we had money.”

‘A lot of my friends’, he says.


NBC News’ Kristen Welker on Sunday’s broadcast of “Meet The Press” expressed her surprise at new polling over a potential 2024 election between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

They involved “some truly stunning numbers,” she told colleague Steve Kornacki.

“They really are,” Kornacki agreed. “When you ask folks, ‘Hey, if it’s the general election and it’s Trump versus Biden,’ in our poll, Donald Trump now leads Joe Biden by five points. Compare that to the last time we pulled back in November. Trump was ahead then, but it was only by two points.”

“It’s even more significant when you look at it this way,” he added. “Over time, we have been testing for five years now, going back to 2019. A Biden-Trump match-up. Remember 2019, 2020 Joe Biden led. He led big in every single one of our polls. For the first time in November, Donald Trump pulled ahead in our poll. And now, at five points, this is the biggest lead NBC has ever had in 16 polls for Donald Trump over Joe Biden.” — Huffpo

The collapse of Biden’s support from the hard left over Gaza policy (punctuated by F*** Joe Bide chants) couldn’t possibly come at a worse time for Joe.

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