Tucker Triggers Authoritarian Psychos With Russia Visit — Russel Brand Takes Them To TruthTown (VIDEO)

How DARE a journalist operate independently of the political regime!

Remember when the left thought that reporting news that elected officials didn’t want you knowing about used to be considered ‘journalism’?

Now they think it’s treason.

It’s funny what happens when society’s ‘rebels’ ascend to the throne of power, isn’t it? It isn’t long before they start persecuting heretics.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Tucker has been traveling abroad and interviewing world leaders for quite a while now. He’s been to South America a couple of times — nobody freaked out.

He went to Central Europe — people grumbled about who he was giving a voice to, but nobody wanted to tar and feather him over it.

He just did a speaking tour in Western Canada. Nobody suggest that an American citizen be barred from returning home over it. Now he’s going to Russia. And people are losing their ever-loving minds over it. They are even invoking words like ‘treason’.

In this clip, Russel Brand gives those clowns the spanking they so richly deserve.

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