Why Ken Paxton Has Been Unable To Move Ahead With Prosecuting 900 Cases Of Voter Fraud

How many other states are failing to follow up on accusations fo criminality?

We have all watched as politicized prosecutors in cities across America will neglect the prosecution of crimes they consider unimportant… resulting in crime waves of various kinds and severities.

If obvious offences involving property crime and violence are being ignored as unimportant, and even NPR has admitted that the unsolved murder rate in Biden’s America has recently hit record highs, how much attention do yo suppose those same prosecutors are paying to ‘voter irregularities’ in districts where Dem activists have fought like hell to NOT have clean voter lists or strict voter identification requirements?

As you watch this video about the hurdles AG Paxton faces in prosecuting 900 known cases of alleged voter fraud in blue cities in a bright red state like Texas… ask yourself what that might mean for election integrity elsewhere in America?

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

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